It’s me!

Hello everyone!

its me
Hair   Taketomi – Shin

Necklace   Reckless – Arrows Necklace

Tattoo   7P – CyberPunk Tattoo   *MoM*

Top   Represent – Essential S/Slit Tank

Pants   alterego – My Swag Sweatpants

Shoes   Vale Koer – Playoff Dunks   *TMD*

Skate Stuff   See Graces’ Blog



Hey, whats up guys? I know I haven’t posted much but Grace dragged me into this one kicking and screaming. I hope you like it and hopefully I will post another one soon! Thanks to everyone who sticks around and checks this page out regularly!


Hello! Blog post
Hair   Drot – Draco *TMD*

Hairbase   Aitui – Monumentum (TMP)

Beard   Deadwool – Full Beard

Pipe   Nikotin – Pipe (Poker)  

Jacket   Blankline – WinterGacha Coat *TMD*

Jeans   Excellence – Jeans RTN *MoM*

Boots   Excellence – Boots Dumb Brown *MoM*

I Just Can’t Deny

I AM ALIVE!! Haha. Sorry I haven’t been doing any post’s lately. I haven’t really had the Linden to be going shopping lately and designers have been on holiday and the such because its summer right now. I put this together with a few of the newer items out now and added in some of the items from the depth of my inventory that I probably wore once and it never saw the light of day again. I hope you like it, I really like this outfit.

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i just cant deny blog post

Hat/Headphones   RO – HIFI Classics – White   *Uber*

Glasses   FLite – Detective Glasses

Necklace   Mandala – Onigirl Necklace

Shirt   AR2 Style – Odd T-Shirt   *MoM*

Holsters   BREACH – Ravens

Pants   Dynasty – Suspender Jeans

Leg Holster   Obscure – Assassins Holster

Shoes   FLite – Madness Limited

Gun Slinger

Hey guys!

I know, I am slacking. I have been a little busy in real life and also just feeling a little uninspired. Here is my best Arcade outfit I put together and my girlfriend gave me the shoes from FLite and the crosshot from RO.
gun slinger blog post
Hair   Taketomi – Shin   *TMD*
Glasses   FLite – “The Detective” Glasses   *Arcade*
Weapon   RO – Mercenary Guide CrosShot   *Arcade*
Tattoo   Reckless – Bronx   *TMD*
Clothes   FATEwear – Phillips Shirt & Brian Shorts
Shoes   FLite – Freezys Fatpack   *Arcade*

Sex On The Beach

Hey guys!

I kinda feel like this outfit makes me look like the Dad thats going down the beach with his kids right now. I saved this outfit as ‘Beach Dad’.. I think all I am missing is the socks with these sandals and I have hit it right on the head. Hope you guys enjoy anyway!

sex on the beach blog post

Hair   Modulus – Vercetti Hair   *MOM*

Glasses   ZOOM – Impetus Glasses   *MOM*

Tattoo   Datum – Gasoline   *SuicideDollz*

Shirt   Excellence – Shirt Hepy   *ShinyShabby*

Shorts   Excellence – Shorts Hepy   *ShinyShabby*

Sandals   FLite – Court Slides   *N21*

The Girl

Hey guys!

I know I say this all the time, but I have been super slacking this month with blog posts. I have a tonne of outfits put together but I just haven’t got around to doing any pictures for them. I will try to get a few more posts out this week, so please keep checking back and I will have all the stuffs for you this week! I hope you like this one, apparently me and Grace look SUPER CUTE in these matching outfits!
the girl blog post
Hat   RO – Bounty Hunter Hat   *DSF*

Jacket   Deadwool – Gloster Jacket

Pants   Goth1c0 – Chaser Pants

Shoes   FLite – Lowtop Ducks   *Fameshed*

>> Click here for Graces blog post <<

Good Vibrations

Hey guys!

I’m not usually a big furniture guy, I leave most of the house designing to my girlfriend Grace, but this month Consignment have really come out with some amazing chairs. The recliner to the left is from Fameshed and as soon as I saw it, I had to have it. The chair to the right is for Consignments 50L Friday today (24/4/15). They also have the wall records for 50L Friday too, both are together as you land at the store. I hope you like this post, some really good mens stuff from MoM this month also!
good vibrations blog post
Hair   Damselfly – Louie   *MOM*

Glasses   Meva – Aviator   *MOM*

Pipe   CX – DragonTooth Pipe   *TAG*

Necklace   Swallow – Rosary Necklace   *BlackFashionFair*

Pants   Modulus – Kenzo Jeans   *MOM*

Shoes   FLite – Depraved Hightops   *100Block*

Left Chair   Consignment – Comfy Chair   *Fameshed*

Right Chair   Consignment – Lazy Chair   *50L Friday*

Records   Consignment – Vinyl Wall Display   *50L Friday*


Hey guys!

Some really good events open up at the moment with some equally amazing stuff at them. Make sure to head to all of them and spend all that money!
surface blog post
Hair   Damselfly – Ronaldo   *BlackFashionFair*

Beard   Unorthodox – Fizz Facial Hair

Ear Ring   CX – Feral Spikes

Shirt   Wonton – Distressed Denim Buttonup   *TMD*

Tattoo   Inhale – A Prophecy   *100Block*

Pants   Goth1c0 – Chaser Pants   *100Block*

Shoes   Illi – Chris Canvas Slip-Ons

When It Rains, It Pours

Hey guys! Found a really cool sim for this picture. I love these boots from Nikotin, gotta go gets those from Chapter 4. Thanks!
when it rains it pours blog post
Hair   Modulus – Lino Hair   *TMD*

Glasses   Livalle – Twilight Aviator Shades   *TMD*

Necklace   Mandala – Lustful Jewelry Set   *TMD*

Jacket   The Body Factory – Veteran Jacket

Pants   Blankline – Roll-up Pants   *TMD*

Boots   Nikotin – SplitRock Gacha   *C4*