It’s me!

Hello everyone!

its me
Hair   Taketomi – Shin

Necklace   Reckless – Arrows Necklace

Tattoo   7P – CyberPunk Tattoo   *MoM*

Top   Represent – Essential S/Slit Tank

Pants   alterego – My Swag Sweatpants

Shoes   Vale Koer – Playoff Dunks   *TMD*

Skate Stuff   See Graces’ Blog


Hey, whats up guys? I know I haven’t posted much but Grace dragged me into this one kicking and screaming. I hope you like it and hopefully I will post another one soon! Thanks to everyone who sticks around and checks this page out regularly!


Hello! Blog post
Hair   Drot – Draco *TMD*

Hairbase   Aitui – Monumentum (TMP)

Beard   Deadwool – Full Beard

Pipe   Nikotin – Pipe (Poker)  

Jacket   Blankline – WinterGacha Coat *TMD*

Jeans   Excellence – Jeans RTN *MoM*

Boots   Excellence – Boots Dumb Brown *MoM*

I Just Can’t Deny

I AM ALIVE!! Haha. Sorry I haven’t been doing any post’s lately. I haven’t really had the Linden to be going shopping lately and designers have been on holiday and the such because its summer right now. I put this together with a few of the newer items out now and added in some of the items from the depth of my inventory that I probably wore once and it never saw the light of day again. I hope you like it, I really like this outfit.

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i just cant deny blog post

Hat/Headphones   RO – HIFI Classics – White   *Uber*

Glasses   FLite – Detective Glasses

Necklace   Mandala – Onigirl Necklace

Shirt   AR2 Style – Odd T-Shirt   *MoM*

Holsters   BREACH – Ravens

Pants   Dynasty – Suspender Jeans

Leg Holster   Obscure – Assassins Holster

Shoes   FLite – Madness Limited

Gun Slinger

Hey guys!

I know, I am slacking. I have been a little busy in real life and also just feeling a little uninspired. Here is my best Arcade outfit I put together and my girlfriend gave me the shoes from FLite and the crosshot from RO.
gun slinger blog post
Hair   Taketomi – Shin   *TMD*
Glasses   FLite – “The Detective” Glasses   *Arcade*
Weapon   RO – Mercenary Guide CrosShot   *Arcade*
Tattoo   Reckless – Bronx   *TMD*
Clothes   FATEwear – Phillips Shirt & Brian Shorts
Shoes   FLite – Freezys Fatpack   *Arcade*

Sex On The Beach

Hey guys!

I kinda feel like this outfit makes me look like the Dad thats going down the beach with his kids right now. I saved this outfit as ‘Beach Dad’.. I think all I am missing is the socks with these sandals and I have hit it right on the head. Hope you guys enjoy anyway!

sex on the beach blog post

Hair   Modulus – Vercetti Hair   *MOM*

Glasses   ZOOM – Impetus Glasses   *MOM*

Tattoo   Datum – Gasoline   *SuicideDollz*

Shirt   Excellence – Shirt Hepy   *ShinyShabby*

Shorts   Excellence – Shorts Hepy   *ShinyShabby*

Sandals   FLite – Court Slides   *N21*

The Girl

Hey guys!

I know I say this all the time, but I have been super slacking this month with blog posts. I have a tonne of outfits put together but I just haven’t got around to doing any pictures for them. I will try to get a few more posts out this week, so please keep checking back and I will have all the stuffs for you this week! I hope you like this one, apparently me and Grace look SUPER CUTE in these matching outfits!
the girl blog post
Hat   RO – Bounty Hunter Hat   *DSF*

Jacket   Deadwool – Gloster Jacket

Pants   Goth1c0 – Chaser Pants

Shoes   FLite – Lowtop Ducks   *Fameshed*

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