Do It Acapella!

So, I went shopping yesterday and found this pretty cool store at the Jewelry & Accessory Expo called Death Row Designs, which feature some quite freaky and interesting items of clothing and accessories. I didn’t buy the items at the expo, I just headed to their main store to pick these couple of items up and I was not let down when I went there, picked up quite a few items, it was not a pretty day for my wallet, Linden-wise.

3rd blog post in 3 days? Aca-believe it!


Hat   -DRD- – Cap Unisex

Coat   *Chronokit* – Mods Coat 01 Unisex (Black) & Mods Coat 01 Fur (Black)

Vest    Gabriel – Tank Top (From the Rollup Casual Suit)

Hands   -DRD- – Demon Hands (Male)

Pants    *Chronokit* – Cropped Sarrouel Pants (Black)

Boots   [Gos] – Triumph Boots for Men (Worn)


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