Little Drummer Boy

It’s been a long week, but it’s finally Saturday night. I was browsing my Facebook feed and saw a post from R3volt about their new set of mens jackets. To be fair, I only saw one, but when I checked out their marketplace page, I found they have THREE!!! new mens jackets for your buying pleasure. I think these three jackets offer a lot because although you can only see one style of each of the jackets, all you do is buy the one jacket and it comes with a color change HUD. I am not talking a simple one click and all changes HUD.. I’m talking, you being able to customize almost each section of the jacket, shirt, scarf, cuffs and such. So overall, I think you may just have almost 101 different outfit choices to go with different ranges of pants and hairs and shoes. I know I love these and you guys should go check them out and ladies.. Get this for your fella’s for Xmas.. They will love them.. and they are only 250L$ each!

R3VOLT Mens Jacket Blog Post


Hair   Action – Paul

Jacket   R3VOLT – Oliver Coat [Marketplace]

Pants   .:Dystorted:. – Slacks


Hair   Action – Paul

Jacket   R3VOLT – Shane Coat [Marketplace]

Pants   .:Dystorted:. – Slacks


Hair   Action – Paul

Jacket   R3VOLT – Sterling Coat [Marketplace]

Pants   .:Dystorted:. – Slacks


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