Wrapped Up!

Hellooooo everyone!

So it’s a couple days before Xmas.. The shopping centers are full and busy, luckily I did all my shopping for Xmas at the beginning of the month and ordered it all online, didn’t even need to leave my house. I thought I would put this outfit together because I saw the scarf on a bunch of blog posts and wanted to go grab it. I’ll also give the credits for my new skin and shape because I didn’t manage to finish off that post the other day….. My bad x.x lol

Wrapped Up Blog Post

Shape   Pekka – Omar Shape

Skin   The Shops – Prince (Tone 10, Athletic)

Eyebrows   The Shops – Cool (Black)

Beard   Cheerno – Facialhair II (Dark B#3)

Scarf   *Chronokit* – Scarf01 (Zebra)

Jacket   *Chronokit* – Tailored Jacket (Leather Black)

Hoody   *Chronokit* – Hoodie01 (Zebra)

Pants   [kal rau] – Casual Chino (Dark)

Shoes   FLite – TMD Collections Black Falcons


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