Pretty Little Angel

I don’t think I am the only one that does this in SL. So I have a house, I decorated it a month or so a go and I NEVER use it! Yesterday, Grace asked me to take a picture with her for a blog post and she said, “Well, how about we use the house as a back drop, since you never use it.” Which is very true, I probably should use it more, but usually I only use my land to unpack the millions of boxes of stuff I buy, you should see my platform, boxes and boxes and photo things and poses and stuff. Less laggier and easier to clean up when I eventually feel like it. Anyway, here’s the picture of me and my girlfriend, Grace. She did an amazing job on the picture and please could you go check out her blog. Guys, pass it to your girlfriends, girls… keep an eye out for future posts I do with her.


My Stuff:

Hair   Taketomi – Godou (Black)   *NEW*

Jacket   Gabriel – Bicolor P Coat (Dark Grey)   *NEW*

Pants   Pumpkin – Tight Pants

Boots   Gabriel – Studs Belt Boots (Black)


CLICK HERE FOR GRACES STUFF – And make sure you check out her other posts… She dresses purdy


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