Xmas Day!!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing day and got everything you wanted from Santa. I really couldn’t think what to get my girlfriend for Xmas, but I decided on a mushy present for her. In real life, I got a new motorcycle helmet and gloves.. Lots of DR Who stuff (A bit of a nerd.. and very upset about no more Matt Smith, lol).. Lots of chocolate and jelly beans and some nice aftershave… And of course, the usual boxers and socks lol. This outfit I put together this evening after I had a chance to finally chill out, watch DR Who Xmas special.. and a bunch of other TV and finally decided to put something together on SL as I wait for my girlfriend to get her ass online. Girls, keep an eye out on my next post, me and Grace have done a picture together for a blog post, just waiting on her editing it, possibly coming tomorrow.

Xmas Day Blog Post


Just to let you know of a few sales and such. Pekka have some nice Xmas presents out at the front of the store. R3volt have a gift of store credit. And Action have 85% off 4 of their hairs, 2 for men and 2 for women. I am sure there are more, but these are the 3 I picked up.

Hair   Action – Darmody

Piercings   Pekka – Cutuful (Gold)   NEW!

Scarf   *Chronokit* – Scarf01 (Check Black&White)   NEW!

Shirt   Etham – Conquer Sweater (Grey)    TMD DEC (ending soon)

Pants   [Kal Rau] – Casual Chinos (Clear)

Shoes   2real – F-Wings


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