Today I bring you a challenge post. I really wanted to start blogging for Yasum and the owner gave me these pants to do a post for. Now I was dreading doing this post because I assumed it was going to be tough, she did give me a warning, but I put these on and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with these pants straight away. All I had to do was find some boots that would fit well with them and these boots from DECO work perfectly. The jacket was something I bought a few weeks a go and knew that it would go with these pants straight away.

Steam punk blog post

I love these pants, I didn’t think something that was called ‘steam punk’ would be something I would enjoy the look of, but these really do look good and I will definitely be wearing these in the future, they come in a big range of colours, so whether you prefer the darker colours like me, or if you prefer reds or blues, then there’s a colour for these pants for you.The style I am wearing here are the Capri’s to work with a pair of boots but Yasum also have a full length pants style too, if you want to use lower shoe/sneakers/boots. I look forward to a future with Yasum with some even better designs.

Hair   Burley – Lola (Black05)

Goggles   K_gs – Vince

Jacket   Deadwool – Corto Coat (Black)

Pants   Yasum – Steam punk Capri Baggies

Boots   DECO – His Showdown Boots (Coal)


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