Hey guys. Got another blog post with the girlfriend.

Clinger Blog Post

The main focus of todays blog is the hair and hat combo I am rocking in this picture. From a very good store called Speakeasy, the Denvur hair w/ Beanie and a great new design from them. Often I find its tough to find a hat that I like that is then able to be combined with hair. You usually have to wear a hat with just a hair base and n00b it up a little or just edit the hell out of on of your favourite hairs. I always love it when I can grab a hat, with hair and there’s no editing needed. With this beauty, I even have the option of having different sayings and such on the side of the beanie which just adds to it’s already 5* design.

Tp to Speakeasy > HERE!!!!

SpeakEasy Denvur Hair SpotlightThe hair/beanie combo comes with 2 HUD’s, with a total of 15 different options for what you want on the side of the beanie.

Whats on me?

Hair   Speakeasy – Denvur Hair w/Beanie

Shirt   Kal Rau – Tanktop (Woman)

Tattoo   Identity – No Love Lost

Pants   Ronsem – Skinnys

Boots   Mr.Bloch – Martim Boots (Limited)

Bracelet   Mandala – Utamaro Bracelet

Watch   Mandala – Hokusai Bracelet

Link to Graces Blog: HEREEEE!!!!


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