50 Shades of Grey?

elloello, so I put this outfit together tonight and although it isn’t very colourful, I am not famous for my multicoloured clothing style. Gracie tells me off when I use too much black/grey in one outfit and tells me I need to choose a different colour. Then she told me this outfit looked like I got into a fight with a goat.. So I went with it and said I put his horns on my head and chilled out in my boring grey clothes watching football all day, that doesn’t sound so bad, huh guys? This picture I wanted to feature in this post because I had picked up on my travels to find a store tonight and bought it. I think it would make a good edition in front of the fire place. I would have taken this picture in my house, but its looking a bit bare after taking the Christmas stuff out, so I need a re-design.

50 shades of grey blog post

Hat   Zenith – Leather Trapper Hat *TMD*

Shirt   Amerie M – Sweat02 Top *TMD*

Pants   Amerie M – Sweat02 Pants *TMD*

Socks   FATEwear – Sock (Jerry, LondonAlley)

Picture   Frogster – Ryan’s Antlers


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