Following on from Mens Dept opening today, I bring this beauty of a jacket from the always amazing Gabriel. If you take a look at a lot of my blog posts, not only do I always enjoy the designers at the Mens Dept, but I also love Gabriels’ designs and I am always usually picking up their new creation. If you haven’t been over to Mens Dept yet, you should and you will find some good Mens stuff to start off your year with a bang and hopefully they will bring us more amazing stuff throughout the year. On a side note, I love these hands. I should have bought them sooner.

Paradise Blog Post

Hair   Dura – Boys&Girls #50 *NEW*

Jacket   Gabriel – Zip Up Tweed Jacket *TMD*

Bag   Gabriel – Comes with Jacket *TMD*

Hands   Slink – Male Relaxed Hands

Tattoo   Speakeasy – Be My Harbor *NEW*

Pants   .Shi – Luca Meggings

Boots   Valiant – Journeys (Union)


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