Wow, what a day and thank god it is Friday night. So I knew that tonight was the start of the Project Limited Fair thing and I had to be on for a certain time. So I made sure I was on about 15 minutes before hand and headed over to the nearby sims. 2 hours late and I finally got in. Luckily, being a guy and coming to these events, there usually isn’t a lot for us guys to buy so I didn’t need to endure the lag for an overly long time. Now, I am sure there are reasons behind why they couldn’t open on time, but it still doesn’t take away from the fact that with such a big event and them having done events in the past, they should have been a little smoother opening up on time. That being said, I did pick up some really good stuff, most of which is probably not for sale now. Here it is anyway;



Mask   ContraptioN – Ironclad Lads   *LTD*

Jacket   L&B – Grimm Royale Leather Jacket   *LTD*

Tattoo   Indentity – Savage (With Slink&Tango Appliers)   *LTD*

Pants   Kal Rau – Casual Chnos (Dark)

Shoes   FLite – FLytop Lows Limited 2.0


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