The Names Bond…

James Bond. I gotta say, about a year a go, you would have caught me in nothing but a suit on Second Life. I would constantly be searching around SL for a new suit store or if a store was releasing a new suit and as soon as I heard one was coming out, I would head over for it. So, some might say I have a keen eye for a good suit and I must admit, both of these are good. One of the left is by Epia and the one on the right is from Fatewear. Epia will never put out something that has been done half arsed and this time is no different. The suit, along with the shoes, come with lots of options on colour and style and will not disappoint the guys that want to suit up for their lady.

Usually when searching for a suit, the next issue that comes along is knowing where to get a good pair of shoes. Luckily, Epia released their suit along with a very nice pair of dress shoes. For the Fatewear suit, I chose to pair them with these dress shoes from Yasum and I must say, again, they are full of options upon options and no matter what colour or style your suit is, these shoes will pair well with it.

The names Bond blog post

On the left:

Hair   Dura – Boys #43

Suit   Epia – Formal Business Suit   *NEW*

Shoes   Epia – Dress Shoes   *NEW*

On the right:

Hair   Lamb – Eraserhead   *NEW*

Suit   Fatewear – Dante

Pants   Fatewear – Edward Pants

Shoes   Yasum – Formal Dandy Step   *NEW*


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