King of Wishful Thinking

Sup guys! Got some amazing stuff to show off today. The shirt and hat are from a really good newly opened store called Dappa and although he is just getting started, he is coming out with some really good stuff already. Another new store I have started blogging for is Lovely Disarray, which has lots of makeups.. Now, makeup isn’t usually something us guys would use, but this stuff really is sometimes a good accessory to an outfit that is otherwise already complete, but it just adds that extra angle to your outfits.

king of wishful thinking blog post
Hat   D A P P A – Skullcrack Snapback

Makeup   Lovely Disarray – Underworld Allegiance (Complete v2)

Tattoo   (Last blog Post)

Shirt   D A P P A – Spotted Buttonup

Pants   Legal Insanity – Jerry Pants

Shoes   Yasum – Formal Dandy

No reason for picking this song, just a good song, haha.


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