Gaming Warrior

OMG! Has it been a busy day. So, today was the start of the month and so starts ALL the events across the Second Life lands. I have been busy all day going to different events and places to pick up some new clothes and stuff. I have spent so much money and ended up with a massive pile of new items on my skydeck floor. So expect quite a few items from quite a few events over the next couple days. This post features some really nice items from a few events already.

Gamer Warrior blog post
Helmet   RO – Goblin Helmet (Rare) *FGC*

Glasses   Kumaki – Jenius Glasses *JOJ Hunt*

Tattoo   Speakeasy – Diamonds arnt Forever (Ultra Rare) *MOG*

Hoody   Moda – Gamer Hoodie (Skull Tetris) *MOG*

Pants   Warehouse 68 – Chinos (Grey) *MOG*

Shoes   DECO – Classic Sneaks

Pose   Elephante – Lie to me #3



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