I am Legend

Trying something new with today’s blog post. I went off of my Sim and went wandering around for a post apocalyptic Sim. I did come across one cool zombie Sim, but I ended up getting attacked by a bunch of infected animals and stuff. I was on Skype with Grace at the time and shouting at her to save me and she was like “Nopeee, your on your own!”.. How mean, right? So I got a bunch of new stuff from some more new events and such and thought I would put all this together to make this masterpiece. Let me know what you think of the pic, honestly, I didn’t do much to it, but it’d be nice to see what people think on this one.

i am legend blog post

Mask   Epia – Reaper Gasmask (Rare, Black)   *FGC*

Jacket   Sugar – Denim Jacket & Tshirt   *NEW*

Tattoo   Speakeasy – Unconditional Love (Rare)   *MOG*

Pants   Sugar – Industrial Pants (Black)   *NEW*

Boots   AB – Funky Boots (Fun)    *MOG*

Wolf   Alchemy – Fenris The Great Wolf (Night)   *Enchantment*

Pose   Elephante – Lie to me #3


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