The Price of Freedom

Final Fantasy Festival!! It starts tomorrow and I have been looking forward to this for a month or two now. I used to be a huge Final Fantasy 7 role player, in fact the guys who are running this event, I used to role play with a few of them and they doing it on their new Final Fantasy role play Sim. In this post I have featured so many different items from a million different stores, I might get a little lost. Make sure you head down to the Final Fantasy Festival which opens tomorrow (7th Feb) and it’ll be running for two weeks, which gives you plenty of time to get over there.

the price of freedom blog post
Hair   Ayashi – Vincent Hair   *FFF West* & *FFF East*

Starting with the hair, this is inspired by the character Vincent Valentine. I really like this hair, it’s stuck very closely to the characters hair and comes in all sorts of options for the hair colour and band colour. If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy, I can see you being a fan of this hair.

Eye   Lovely Disarray – Visions of Midgar (Emerald)   *FFF West* & *FFF East*

First of the Lovely Disarray items at this festival. She has gone all out on items for this and the eyes are just the start. This picture only features one colour of the eyes, but if you head down to the festival you are sure to find a severe variety of eye colours, certainly having one to suit each person.

Tattoo   Lovely Disarray – Geostigma Disease   *FFF West* & *FFF East*

Another item from Lovely Disarray. Now this picture doesn’t really show the detail in the geostigma disease tattoo. If you look around the eyes, you can see the exhaustion on my face and looking to the collar-bone, you can see the effects on my body. This was taken from Final Fantasy 7 and it was a disease that the kids caught that then turned them into a child of Jenova. Advent children, has to be one of my favourite movies to date.

Tattoo/Piercing   Lovely Disarray/HoD – Reno Reloaded Facial Piercing & Tattoo   *FFF West* & *FFF East*

This item is the one on my cheek bone, the tattoo and the piercing set which also goes down to the mouth. This is a fantastic collaboration from Lovely Disarray and HoD, taken from the character Reno who was one of the funnier Turks. The Turks were basically like the FBI of the Shinra Power Company, even if you don’t know who he is, it’s still a great tattoo and piercing set to accessorize the face.

Shoulder Pet   Cubic Cherry – Kupo Army (Rare)   *FFF West* & *FFF East*

From Cubic Cherry’s Gacha machine, comes a very cute looking Moogle which sites on your shoulder. This is the rare one but there are plenty in the gacha which is going to make you want to collect them all. No, they are not pokemon. Moogles were one of the creatures from Final Fantasy that appeared in a number of the games, no matter the stories timeline.

Ring   Frogstar – Random Encounter Ring (Rare)   *FFF West* & *FFF East*

Another gacha item from the Final Fantasy Festival, I swear this is where everyone’s money will be going for this event I feel. The rings have several common designs in random colours and the rarer come in a nice Chrome Colour. You can’t see the detail very well in this post, but make sure you check out Frogstar’s gacha machine, sat outside her store.

Pocket Pet   Birdy – Grumpy Cat (Rare)   *C4*

Another round of Chapter Four started on the 4th and this amazing little gacha had a grumpy cat in it. I won’t say how much I pumped into that machine to get the grumpy cat, but there are lots of different types of pocket pets you can get from this machine, so make sure you check that one out.

Sweater   Oyasumi – Knit&Fluff Sweater   *C4*

Pants   AMD – Indecisive (Black Shine)   *TMD*

Shoes   Deadwool – Klaus Shoes   *TMD*




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