Space Man!

heyhey! Sorry it’s been forever guys, I’ve been slacking like, big time with blogging this week. Main reason? Grace is a super distraction! Right now, shes like “DONT DO IT, DONT POST..” What a coincidence, haha. Anyway, theres this one event going on right now called FutureWave and it has some really cool stuff. As you can tell from my past blog posts, I am always one for a randomly themed blog post and I put this beast together and I haven’t taken it off for like 3 days now, which is odd for me. Hope you like my iRobot/Robotcop inspired blog post.

Space Man blog post
Hair   Action – Paul

Mask   Contraption – Xenia’s Visor   *FutureWave*

Jetpack   KK – Exo-Maneuver   *FutureWave*

Guns   Breach – Raven

Undersuit   BFI – Armored Undersuit   *FutureWave*

Arms   Biomechanoid – The Arms

Arm Blade   KK – Praesorian Guard   *FutureWave*

Pants   Biomechanoid – Leather Pants for Boots

Boots   Biomechanoid – The Stomp Boots


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