The One That Knocks

Hey guys! So.. Got some good stuff coming in the next couple of weeks for you guys. I have decided I want too open up a store, since every blogger eventually turns to designing too lol. I hope you guys will help support me with these as much as you have with looking at my posts and liking them and all sorts. This new look I took a couple of days to put together because I just didn’t know how to finish it off, hair-wise and then Epia came out with this hat and made me look like Walter White from Breaking Bad… A little. Keep your eyes locked on this blog for my coming store designs and releases, as they will be just around the corner, and I am thinking everyone will like them. 🙂

The one that knocks blog post
Hat   Epia – Fedora  *NEW*

Mask   Epia – Operator Mask   *NEW*

Face Deform   Speakeasy – mmm Tasty   *NEW*

Jacket   COCO – Bomber Jacket   *NEW*

Pants   American Bazaar – Mesh Cargo (Black)   *NEW*

Boots   American Bazaar – Mesh Funky Boots (Grey)




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