Preposterous! Opening Soon!

Hello! So, I’ve decided to open a store. I’ve decided to be one of these bloggers that ends up taking up their own hand at designing stuff. This is just a preview of my one of many shirts that will be coming out this weekend. I am working on my marketplace ads as soon as I am finished this blog post and I will be ready to open this weekend. I will leave links to all the groups you need to be in to find out when we open and I hope to see you in my store soon. I’ve worked solid for about 2-3 weeks just designing stuff and seeing how it turns out and the response from friends has been pretty solid. I will be moving onto girls stuff soon too. So, if there are any ladies checking out my sexy man pixels, make sure you keep coming back soon and I will announce here when the girls stuff will be out. Facial hair has always been in my life, whether it be just second life or real life, I am usually sporting some facial hair, unless on my way to an interview. The hair is the new one from Action, seems like they have a solid flow of new stuff coming out every week or 2 now, which is amazing.


preposterous blog post number 1
Hair   Action – Kris

Shirt   Preposterous – Great Beard Tee    *(Coming Soon)*

Tattoo   Speakeasy – Goodbye, Goodbye Love (Slink Appliers)




Links to various groups and stuff for Preposterous!;

Join the group: secondlife:///app/group/edb5f1c1-9232-d8b4-2b1c-9351ccf5c50f/about
Facebook Page:
Store Flickr:
My Flickr:


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