Double Trouble

Hey Guys! So, most of you guys should know by now that my new store is open now. I hope you guys have headed down there already, if you haven’t, the link will be below for you late comers. I have also just released some girls shirts too. Keep an eye out on this blog/facebook & my in world group, because I will be sending out info about some new shirts coming out this weekend. Thanks for all the support from those that have blogged them or bought the shirts, it means A LOT to me. Hope you enjoy this double dose of Greg, since I haven’t done an actual blog post in about a week.

double trouble blog post
Left Outfit

Hair   Taketomi – Godou

Shirt   Preposterous – Spelling Is Hard   *NEW*

Wraps   Elegant.Filth – Hand Tape

Pants   Amerie – Mesh Skinny   *TMD*

Shoes   FLite – Clearports   *TMD*

Right Outfit

Hat   RO – Explorer Hat (Rare)   *Arcade*

Patch   Shi – Patch Mechanics 3.1   *Arcade*

Shirts   Preposterous – Do not read tee   *NEW*

Pug   Birdy – Puggly (Shark)   *Arcade*

Tattoo   Identity – Black Stripes 2

Wraps   Elegant.Filth – Hand Tape

Pants   Elegant.Filth – Heidevolk Skinnies

Shoes   Frontlines – Roundhouse   *NEW*


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