On The Red Carpet

Hey Guys. I managed to drag Grace into a blog post together. We were both looking dapper in an outfit we both had on and decided we both needed to be in this blog. I am rocking a very nice suit from Gabriel – As always they do not disappoint. It might be a few pretty pennies to spend on it, but well worth it and definitely a suit I would use again in the future. The post also features some new make up from Lovely Disarray. Been a while since something has come out from them but again, no disappointment in this at all. It’s out for both male and female, so make sure you head over there and pick some up.

On the red carpit blog post
Hair   Action – Paul

Make up   Lovely Disarray – Slayer

Suit   GB – Feather Tie Suit    Spring Fashion Fair

Shoes   GB – Studs Dress Shoes   Spring Fashion Fair




2 thoughts on “On The Red Carpet

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