Dino Man

Hey guys! Another post for Mens Dept things really. This hoody is AMAZING. I am not a huge fan of some of the things that come out from Razor, but this hoodie is definitely one of my favorites from them this time. It’s only 300L at the Mens Dept and the HUD it comes with is INSANE. Doesn’t matter what color you want, it’s in there and in a wide range of design patterns too. Down the spine there is a dino spine type thing, which you can’t really tell in the picture, but those are cool and you can change the color of those too. The pants are from Deer and although they look kinda shiny, I do like them.

dino man blog post
Hair   Raw House – Destroyer

Mask/Glasses   Contraption – Undercity Scavenger   *TMD*

Hoodie   Razor – Dozer Hoodie   *TMD*

Pants   deeR – Razor Pants   *NEW*

Shoes   BLK – Birra’z Low


See last post for Tattoo & Necklace credits.


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