Getting Down To Business

Heyyy! Not long to go now until the Mens Dept AND The Big Show Opens. Mens Dept is a given, I’m always going to mention it when it opens because there’s some awesome stuff there every month. Went there again today to pick up some new stuff, although shhh, cause it don’t open until Tomorrow! (5th). Normally I wouldn’t bother mentioning The Big Show because it is largely aimed at the girls, but because Lovely Disarray is there this time, I gotta give it a mention because she’s just put out some unisex stuff.
Getting down to business blog post
Hair   Taketomi – Arata   *TMD*

Make up   Lovely Disarray – Aggressive Intentions   *TBS*

Tattoo   Letis Tattoo – Angry Wolf   *Krave*

Necklace   Mandala – Kotowari Necklace   *TMD*

Shirt   Orion – Flannal Tee   *TMD*

Bracelet   Pomposity – Handcuff Bracelets   *Krave*

Bag   Deadwool – Janus Duffle Bag   *TMD*

Pants   Pumpkin – Skintight Pants   *GIFT*   *TMD*

Shoes   JD – Sydney   *TMD*


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