King of the Seven Kingdoms

That’s right guys! I am the new King of the Seven Kingdoms.. Bow down peasants! Haha. New Game of Thrones started this weekend and I HAD TOO make a GoT inspired outfit for this weekend. I had about half of this outfit a few months ago and I didn’t blog it because I was busy at the time and ended up forgetting about blogging it. I rememebered when I was buying some stuff at the Secret Affair Gacha event and wanted to get the outfit back out and add some new things to it. So I hope you like this and head to all these shops and walk around as a Stark or Baratheon Lol.


King of the 7 kingdoms blog post



Crown   RO – Lich Crown

Hair   Wasabi – Erik

Patch   SSD – Bolt Patch   *We<3RP*

Make up   Lovely Disarray – Aggressive Intentions   *TBS*

Cape   Stitched – Gallard (Grey Fur)

Cow   DC – Wearable Crow

Ring   Forge – GoT Rings (House Stark)   *SAG*

Wraps   Elegant Filth – Hand Tape

Scarf   B@R – Mens Feather Boa

Armour   RS – Onslaught Armour   *We<3RP*

Stomach Belt   Forge – Stomach Belt

Belt   DPD – Eternal Belt

Bruises   Corvus – Body Bruises

Bow&Arrow   Primus – Dragonbone Bow

Horn   Primus – X Raid Horn Gacha   *We<3RP*

Axe   RO – Spade Axe   *We<3RP*

Pants/Boots   DPD – Eternal Pants/Boots



Throne   Tia – Throne of Swords   *SAG*

Torches   Ravenghost – Gothic Wall Torch Set   *We<3RP*


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