Family Man

Hey guys! So, it was time me and Grace got the SL family together for a family picture yesterday. I had to be quick in putting together an outfit and OMG! the girls did nothing but complain, saying I was worse than a girl when it comes to putting together an outfit. I had recently been over to Hoorenbeek for another outfit I did the other day and I had seen they’ve been busy recently with a bunch of new releases. So I knew I could go there and pretty much pick up the outfit that I wanted. So, if it seems I went a little Hoorenbeek crazy, then at least you know the reason. I’ve always been a fan of Hoorenbeek’s stuff and although a little over-priced, it’s worth it with most of their releases.

family man blog post

Hair   Dura – JF Limited   *JF2014*

Tattoo   Speakeasy – Sail On   *NEW*

Shirt   Hoorenbeek – T-Shirt Buttoned

Pants  Hoorenbeek – Leather Pants

Belt   Hoorenbeek – Western Belt

Shoes   Hoorenbeek – Cowboy Boots



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