The Boss

Hey guys! So, in every relationship, there is a big debate on who the boss of the relationship is, or who wears the pants. Apparently, my life wouldn’t be worth living if I called Grace my secretary, so I thought for the purpose of this post, I will call her the boss, since she thinks she’s the one that wears the pants. Anyway, the desk is a new release from Epia. As always, I don’t need to tell you how good they are and you should just head over to the store now and buy it. The shirt and waistcoat that I am wearing is a new release coming from me this week. Thought it fitted well with this desk and I will be sure to blog it again later in the week, along with all the options it comes with, I am very excited about this release.

The Boss blog post

Hair   Beusame – Ian   *Fi*Friday*

Shirt   Preposterous – Buttoned Up Shirt & Waistcoat   *Coming Soon*

Pants   Pumpkin – Skintight Pants

Shoes   FLite – Studded Gliders   *SOLDOUT*

Desk   Epia – Executive’s Desk Set   *NEW*




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