Nothing Burns Like The Cold

HERRO! Been a while since I’ve done a blog post but thought I should probably get one out there for you. I am bringing you another Game of Thrones inspired blog post really. I saw there was some new stuff at The Forge that I wanted, so I went and spent a fortune on some new stuff and put this masterpiece together. One feeling I love on Second Life is when you find a store, that you’ve never heard of before… You walk in and see like a hundred things you want and need in your inventory. So I found this one place called Pucca Firecaster Creations – And I fell in love with this store.. So you may just see some other posts from their store in the future.

nothing burns like the cold blog post
Antlers   The Forge – Antler Crown

Hair   Tableau Vivant – Alexander Hair

Beard   Labyrinth – Goatee Beard

Neck Tattoo   Nuuna – Makeups v12 Male

Scar   Corvus – Eye Scar

Shield/Mace   EZ – Bacurd Mace

Scarf   Mr.Poet – Cape Coat Set

Cape   PFC – Northern Cape

Tattoo   Letis Tattoo – Obsidian

Gloves   PFC – Gauntlet

Pants/Boots   PFC – Cimmerian




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