Menswear Fashion Week 2014 – Part Deux

Hey Guys! So I got sent some new stuff from the MWFW and although this outfit is pretty simple, I really like it. It comes with a HUD with the choices of colour.. I went with the very monochrome black and white.. Which is your only choice, but in what combination is up to you. Secondly, yesterday Lovely Disarray released some limited edition makeup sets in her store and they are pretty cool. It definitely adds some colour to the outfit I am wearing right now. I’ve included all the different combinations of make up that you get with this set, so make sure you head over to Lovely Disarray today and pick it up before it’s too late. The hair is an old one from exile, but saw it in a blog and had to go and grab it, since I didn’t own it yet.
mwfw2014 blog post 2
Hair   Exile – Pulse

Makeup   Lovely Disarray – The Amazon Trio   *LIMITED*

Outfit   XIAJ – Utica    *MWFW2014* – Opens Friday

Shoes   Deadwool – Klaus Shoes

Lovely Disarray - The Amazon Trio TEASER


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