An Oceans View

Hey guys! FLite need to stop making such AMAZING shoes… Seriously.. My inventory is full of nearly every shoe he has made and every time a new one comes out.. I have to go and grab it. But yeah, go grab FLite’s new shoes because these are REALLY nice. Dura have a new hair, again amazing as always. Oh, the MWFW 2014 opened up today. I said I’d remind you guys, so head down there.. LOADS of top designers with outfits ready to be bought!

an oceans view blog post
Hair   Dura – Boys #48   *NEW*

Jacket   R3volt – Emery Jacket

Tattoo   Zentro – Silence Tattoo    *MWFW*

Bracelet   Pomposity – Handcuff Bracelets

Pants   Villena – Chinos

Shoes   FLite – Flytop.001 (Black/Gold)   *LIMITED*


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