Greg The Wildling

Sup guys! Another GoT inspired post I’m afraid. Due to the popularity of all these events focusing on Fantasy stuff, I can’t help but be like.. “I NEED THAT”. So I did go on a bit of a gacha spree and spent way too much money at the Fantasy Gacha event. Hope you like it.

Greg the Wildling

Hood   Alchemy – Grizzly Hood (Rare)   *FGF*

Cape   Peqe – Big Cape (Dirt)   *FGF*

Scars   Corvus – Various

Shield   Alchemy – Drengr Grimmr – Shield (Onyx)   *FCF*

Sword   EZ – Might of Demacia Sword

Bracers   Alchemy – Drengr Grimmr – Bracer (Black)   *FCF*

Belt   Alchemy – Drengr Grimmr – Belt (Onyx)   *FCF*

Pants   Forge – Bran Pants

Boots   Forge – Wastelander Boots



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