Hey guys! First off, I gotta say I LOVE THIS LOOK. It didn’t take too much trouble trying to figure out what I wanted to add together for this one. Infact, it took me longer to find a place to take the picture than it did putting this outfit together. Some amazing stuff coming out from Yasum for the Fantasy Gacha and this amazing tattoo from Speakeasy. Hope you like it.

Fallen blog post
Hair   Daimselfly – Seth 401   *FCF*

Makeup   Corvus – Demon Eyeshadow

Scars   Corvus – Slashed Eyes

Wings   Yasum – Steam Wings   *FCF*

Scarf   Yasum – Poet Scarf   *NEW*

Body Tattoo   Speakeasy – Eternal Blessing   *NEW*

Lower Tattoo   Corvus – Made In Hell Tattoo

Pants   Sabotage – Harem Baggy Pants

Boots   Yasum – Victory Boots   *NEW*


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