Hey guys! Omg, do I love this picture idea I came up with. Bringing you some nice stuff from a couple events too. A nice sofa from Aria that is at the Mens Dept. The rug is from my new sponsor Corvus, who I have loved for a few years now and had never thought to apply to blog for. Another new event I blog for is the She & Him event, which has opened today. (LM below). And it just so happens that I blog for Speakeasy who are taking part in this round of S&H but I LOOOOOVE this tattoo. I’m not usually a fan of coloured tattoo’s, but James has done a really good job on this one. Hope you like.
Chillin blog post
Hair   Damselfly – Parker   *NEW*

Tattoo   Speakeasy – Star’d Eagle   *S&H*

Bracelet   Pomposity – Handcuff Bracelets

Watch   RealEvil – Rebel Watch

Shorts   Howl – Ray Casual Shorts   *TMD*

Sofa   Aria – Verna Leather Sofa   *TMD*

Rug   Corvus – Black Mesh Rug   *NEW*


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