In The Summer

Hey guys! Wow, is it feeling more and more summery with the nice weather in ye olde England, lol. I hope you are all having some good weather too. When it comes to me picking outfits on Second Life, not only do I follow the typical fashion trends of Second Life creators, but I also follow the seasons and how I am feeling at the time. So with the nice weather coming out, it’s time for the shorts, sandals and short sleeve shirts. I don’t think I am the only person to follows this sort of styling choice when it comes to Second Life, but I only notice I am doing it when the seasons are changing and I look at older stuff I have from the begining of the year and thinking, “I don’t wana wear that, it’s far too hot for that” Haha.. Anyway.. I am nearing my 100th blog post and I want your idea’s on what I can do as a 100th blog post special. Got any idea’s? Shoot me an IM in world (Greg Stella). Friday tomorrow! Have a good weekend everyone! I know I will!

in the summer blog post

Hair   Damselfly – Jasper   *NEW*

Face Tattoo   Lovely Disarray – The Vanquisher   *TDSF*

Septum Piercing   Pr!ck – India Septum   *S&H*

Shirt   Dynasty – Uprising Tee   *S&H*

Shorts   Spirit Store – Maxim Shorts   *S&H*


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