Made In Hell

Mwuhahaha! Time for a slightly scarier looking blog post now that The Dark Style Fair is now open. I am sure by the time most of you read this, you’ve already been. I was not so lucky and only got to get there together, lag around and get the few things I did want. Hope you like it.

made in hell blog post
Horns   Obscure – Chained Horns   *TDSF*

Hair   Taketomi – Koji   *NEW*

Scarf   Tabou Irresistible –  Chains Grunge   *TDSF*

Holster   Obscure – Assassins Gun Holster   *TDSF*

Tattoo   Letis Tattoo – Satanic Goat   *TDSF*

Gloves   RO – Azrael   *TDSF*

Tattoo   Corvus – Made In Hell Tattoo

Shorts   AMD – Bummin’ It   *TDSF*

Shoes   FLite – Resorts   *K9*


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