Ghetto Greg!

Hey guys! So I have got a full avatar overhaul on this blog post. And it’s not my usual style either, but I thought I would go all out on this one. So 7 Deadly Skins has teamed up with IlZ and made this skin/shape combo pack. So head down to 7DS to pick this skin/shape combo up for an instant new look. I also went back down to Mens Dept AGAIN! and picked up more items before the end of the month and everything disappears, make sure you all do the same!

Ghetto Greg

Hair   Tableau Vivant – Hill

Skin/Shape   7DS/Ilz – Sammael Skin & ilz 2 shape   *NEW*

Beard   Labyrinth – Goatee Beard

Glasses   ieQED – Ace Shades   *TMD*

Ears   Mandala – Taper Ears

Tattoo   Reckless – Pray 2 your Gods   *TMD*

Necklace   Mandala – Taiga Necklace   *TMD*

Gloves   O.M.E.N x Dynasty – Black Cruising Gloves

Bracelet   Mandala – Utamaro Bracelet

Pants   BLK – HustlaPants   *TMD*

Shoes   Eudora 3D – Camo Hi-Tops   *TMD*


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