Misters&Sisters : First Edition

Hey guys!

I know I haven’t blogged in like 3 weeks! Omg.. But I have some great new for you and deep down I have been waiting for this to come around before I do some more blogging.. Not like I was busy with RL or anything.. >.> lol. So, you guys miss me? This new blog is me, Grace (The girlfriend), Rhia (Her best friend) and Lue (The best friends boyfriend). We’ve all come together to make this one big blog. We all have different styles and ideas for outfits and we figure, rather than all you guys having to search 4 blogs for ideas, theres one central blog for all of us. We will all eventually switch over to that blog and all post just on that one, but thats not for a little while. If you want to head over there and follow that blog or save it to your favorites ready for when we switch over, make sure you do that. I will warn you all before I head to posting just on that one when that time comes.. But I have a feeling you guys will want to check it out and save it up so you can keep up with the other people on there. Anyway, I’ll put my credits below the picture, for everyone elses, click the link either HERE – Or below the picture.
Misters&Sisters : First Edition

Hat   FLite – Lux Strapback

Glasses   ieQED – Wright Shades   *TMD*

Tattoo   Speakeasy – Dead Letters

Top   Etham – James Cardigan   *TMD*

Shorts   Ronsem – Sarrouel Half

Shoes   2real – Max Crystal   *TMD*




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