Wedding Crashers

Hey guys! Got my amazing girlfriend with me today. Missed her? I bet you didn’t cause you be over there perving her avie everyday, huh? lol. Sooo, we didn’t really crash a wedding, we were invited and as different as we were expecting, it was a really good wedding. Country theme with some good music and amazing layout and decoration, I was really glad I was invited and got to see it. I put this outfit together really easily. I headed over to Gabriel and I had totally forgotten or didn’t even realize they released this suit recently but as soon as I saw it I bought it straight away. I got early access to hair fair the other day too and as much as I love these events, the real challenge for guys is finding the right stores with the male hair. This is one of them today and the next 2 or 3 posts should have hair from the event too as I picked up a few and I don’t want you guys missing them if you didn’t pick them up already. Hope you all had a good weekend.

Graces Outfit

Wedding crashers
Hair   Exile – High and Dry   *Hair Fair*

Suit   GB – Body Belt Suit

Shoes   GB – Studded Dress Shoes


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