Vibius Mummius Naso

If you’re wondering about the title. It is apparently what Greg Stella would be if it was a roman name. I call bullshit, but who knows. Anyway.. The Secret Affair opened it’s doors the other day and PFC came out with this amazing full armor/gown outfit. The gauntlets and sword/shield combo I bought separately at their store. I do have to say, you should all head over to PFC because their stuff is AMAZING. I could… and have spent a fortune in that place and will always be checking this place out when something new is released. Some might say PFC stands for PRETTY FUCKING COOL. But it doesn’t. Lol…

Vibius Mummius Naso Blog Post

Hair   Mina – Timo   *Hair Fair*

Scar   Corvus – Eye Scar

Armor   PFC – The Guard   *Secret Affair*

Cape   PFC – Hoplite Cape

Gauntlets   PFC – Gauntlet

Weapons   PFC – Gladius 4.0


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