The Hunter

Hey guys! So those of you that don’t have me on Facebook won’t know that a friend of mine has got me into archery. So I have bought my first bow and I just got to wait for it to be shipped from New Hampshire all the way to me in England. I am constantly checking the tracking for it and really cannot wait to get out in a field with some friends of mine and shoot some targets. All this archery talk and watching Youtube videos has got me in the hunting mood. So I put this outfit together, imagining how I would be outfitted in real life when/if I do go hunting. So hope you like this post, cause I think I look bad ass right now, haha.

The Hunter

Hat   Epia – Military Boonie Hat

Glasses   Epia – Fashionable Glasses

Beard   Ink – Zeus   *C88*

Bow   Primus – Azer II Bow

Binoculars   Aitui – Wanderlust Binoculars   *Fameshed*

Shirt   TonkTastic – Commando Shirt

Belt   Epia – Army Belt

Pouch   RO – Hipster Bag   *Fameshed*

Pants   TonkTastic – Cargo Pants

Boots   TonkTastic – Gumboots



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