Thinking Out Loud

Hey guys! – I know I am always doing male fashion but today I bring you this masterpiece. I was at Uber and looking at all the male stuff but also keeping an eye on the female stuff for Grace and I saw these tops and leggings from Foxes and I instantly got onto my female account and was like, “I’M DOING AN OUTFIT WITH ALL THIS AMAZING SHIT!” – So here it is and I hope you guys like even if it is a female outfit.
Thinking Out Loud
Hair   CATWA – Pamela

Shirt   Foxes – Sweatshirt (Purple)   *Uber*

Necklace   BOOM – Being Phial (Blood)   *Uber*

Leggings   Foxes – Leggings (Graphic Pack)   *Uber*

Shoes   Fri. – Eve Heels   *Uber*


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