Reindeers Are Better Than People

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone has a lovely day for all my friends across the very big pond. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving over here, because we are never thankful for anything… EVER. Just kidding, but it does seem like all the stores over here have decided to adopt the day after thanksgiving tradition of Black Friday. Now I understand about online stores doing Black Friday, but for RL stores, like food supermarkets doing it, when we don’t even have thanksgiving, seems a little silly to me, but hey.. People will still go and shop because thats what marketing is. Speaking of Black Friday, make sure you keep an eye open for all your favourite stores participating in Black Friday sales on Second Life, as I am sure almost every store and their mother are doing a sale and you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the cheap stuff! Yay for cheap stuff? ūüėÄ lol. Hope you like the outfit and have a lovely day!
Reindeers are better than people blog post
Hat   Dynasty РBlack Driving Cap

Glasses   K_gs РSaira

Scarf   Dynasty РStockholm Scarf

Sweater   Etham РCasual Double Cardigan   *TMD*

Pants   Kal Rau РCasual Chinos

Shoes   Dynasty РHampton Shoes


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