High All The Time

Hey guys!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas, I know I did. Drank lots, ate lots and got lots of presents. I hope everyone got what they wanted from Santa. One thing Santa bought us on Second Life is The Shops Male Mesh Body. Oh my God, this thing is amazing! I love it. It has been a long time coming and any attempt (In my opinion) before this body hasn’t been anywhere close to how good this one is. Lots of tattoo designers and skin designers are waiting for their approval for the developers kits to start making stuff for this body because they know how good it is. Make sure you head down there and check out the free version first, it doesn’t give a lot of options with it, but gives you an idea on how it works. Make sure you check everything about it and the features of each version, as there are a few to choose from and all come with different benefits. I have included a close up of the body and I haven’t done much editing at all, that is basically an inworld shot of that body, so soak it up and then go and get your own!
high all the time blog post 1
Hair   Damselfly – Nicolas   *N21*

Beard   Deco – Bandit Beard

Cigarette   Hermony – Ultimate Cigarette

Ears   Mandala – Steking Ears   *TMD*

Necklace   Divinity – Origins Necklace   *Cosmo*

Body   TheShops – Deluxe Body

Skin   TheShops – Axel

Watch   Mandala – Kotowari Watch   *TMD*

Pants   TheShops – Harem Sweatpants

Shoes   FLite – Santa’s Flytops
high all the time blog post 2


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