Welcome To The UFL – Second Life’s American Football League

Hey guys! Something a bit different for you today.

Recently I found out about Second Life having it’s own American Football League and it is really fun to play. If you enjoy American Football, it is definitely something you should check out. Currently it is pre-season for the current season and some teams are still looking for new players willing to learn the game and most importantly, have fun!

Games take part usually on the weekends (Friday night – Monday night) and most teams practice during the week ready to kick some ass at their game that weekend. The UFL is pretty much set up how the NFL is set up in real life, departments of marketing and media, the games are even live streamed for those who weren’t able to get tickets in time to be there in person. Both male and female avies can play and there are even cheer teams where both male and female avies can cheer on their team during the half time show.

ufl football blog post pic2
Here is some pictures from the main UFL HQ where every League game is played

ufl football blog post pic1
And here is me in my Mustangs Uniform

Interested in checking out any of the teams? Make sure you head down to the UFL HQ and check out the information kiosks that will give you even more information on finding out how you can take part.

Interested in getting involved in the UFL in anyway? Make your way to the UFL HQ and see how you can get involved!

Want to check out the team I play for? Head to the Mustangs Practice Facility and have a look around!

Interested in being a sponsor for the UFL? Make sure you message Veronica Gearz or Marlo Edenflower in world to talk to them about being a sponsor for the League!

Interested in commentating or streaming the game? Contact Thomm Box for more information!

UFL Website

UFL Youtube

UFL Twitch

UFL Facebook


Want to just talk to me about how I’ve been enjoying it so far? IM Greg Stella and I can answer any questions or point you in the right direction where you can find your answer.


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