Somethings Gotta Give

WARNING : In coming lots of new things!

Hey guys!

I have received a bunch of stuff this week and found lots of new things that I have wanted to blog for you guys to make sure you all go get everything! I hope you like it!
Somethings Gotta Give blog post
Hair   Damselfly – Duncan   *MOM*

Blue Eye   Idiot – Exale Eyes (Past)

Red Eye/Blood   Quirky+Lovely Disarray – Little Death Dealer   *CreepyKawaii*

Face Tattoo   Idiot – Pendant Face Tattoo

Septum Piercing   Datum – Black Septum

Shirt   Kezenn – Mens Velvet Small Cross Shirt

Nail Polish   Lovely Disarray – Dripping Nail Set   *CreepyKawaii*

Ring   Idiot – Holding An Eye Ring   *SuicideDollz*

Shorts   Tag – Berma Pull Up Shorts   *Showroom*

Boots   Addams – Dr Adamms Boots


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