The Areana!

Okay guys! Here’s the down-low; There’s this new event for us guys and it’s basically a combination of TMD and We<3Roleplay. Think of every possible male fantasy fashion designer in second life. Now imagine all of them in one place. Now imagine that they all made the best product they have ever made. Now times that whole thought by 10 and your almost at how amazing this event is. The volume of stuff I was sent from this event is insane and it is all conveniently in one place for you to go and buy and go broke for the rest of the month. Now go fourth and buy this stuff!
The Areana blog post
Horns   Adrenaline – Svarog Horns   *Areana*

Hair   Damselfly – Bram   *We<3RP*

Mask   Enigma – Duelist Mask Black Rebel (Ultra Rare)   *Areana*

Wraps   CX – Wraps TMP   *Areana*

Pouldrons   Luas – Markus Armour Gacha   *Areana*

Bracer   Luas – Markus Armour Gacha   *Areana*

Wrist Knife   7mad;Ravens – KnifeFight   *Areana*

Bat   TI – Worrior Stick Nails   *Areana*

Belt   Luas – Markus Armour Gacha   *Areana*

Shield   Keystone&Conquest – Beserker’s Targe   *Areana*

Spear   SWaGGa – Wildboy Spear   *Areana*

Pants   Luas – Markus Armour Gacha   *Areana*

Wood Work Set   Artisan Fantasy – Stony Hollow Woodworker Collection   *Areana*


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