I Just Can’t Deny

I AM ALIVE!! Haha. Sorry I haven’t been doing any post’s lately. I haven’t really had the Linden to be going shopping lately and designers have been on holiday and the such because its summer right now. I put this together with a few of the newer items out now and added in some of the items from the depth of my inventory that I probably wore once and it never saw the light of day again. I hope you like it, I really like this outfit.

>>Check out Graces’ stuff HERE<<

i just cant deny blog post

Hat/Headphones   RO – HIFI Classics – White   *Uber*

Glasses   FLite – Detective Glasses

Necklace   Mandala – Onigirl Necklace

Shirt   AR2 Style – Odd T-Shirt   *MoM*

Holsters   BREACH – Ravens

Pants   Dynasty – Suspender Jeans

Leg Holster   Obscure – Assassins Holster

Shoes   FLite – Madness Limited


3 thoughts on “I Just Can’t Deny

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