Gun Slinger

Hey guys!

I know, I am slacking. I have been a little busy in real life and also just feeling a little uninspired. Here is my best Arcade outfit I put together and my girlfriend gave me the shoes from FLite and the crosshot from RO.
gun slinger blog post
Hair   Taketomi – Shin   *TMD*
Glasses   FLite – “The Detective” Glasses   *Arcade*
Weapon   RO – Mercenary Guide CrosShot   *Arcade*
Tattoo   Reckless – Bronx   *TMD*
Clothes   FATEwear – Phillips Shirt & Brian Shorts
Shoes   FLite – Freezys Fatpack   *Arcade*


Good Vibrations

Hey guys!

I’m not usually a big furniture guy, I leave most of the house designing to my girlfriend Grace, but this month Consignment have really come out with some amazing chairs. The recliner to the left is from Fameshed and as soon as I saw it, I had to have it. The chair to the right is for Consignments 50L Friday today (24/4/15). They also have the wall records for 50L Friday too, both are together as you land at the store. I hope you like this post, some really good mens stuff from MoM this month also!
good vibrations blog post
Hair   Damselfly – Louie   *MOM*

Glasses   Meva – Aviator   *MOM*

Pipe   CX – DragonTooth Pipe   *TAG*

Necklace   Swallow – Rosary Necklace   *BlackFashionFair*

Pants   Modulus – Kenzo Jeans   *MOM*

Shoes   FLite – Depraved Hightops   *100Block*

Left Chair   Consignment – Comfy Chair   *Fameshed*

Right Chair   Consignment – Lazy Chair   *50L Friday*

Records   Consignment – Vinyl Wall Display   *50L Friday*

Treat Me Like Fire

Hey guys!

I’ve been a bit slow with getting blog posts out lately and I am sorry for that guys! But I have for some amazing outfits coming for you soon, along with a bunch of stuff coming from the items just released from the Arcade event! I hope you like it all! Thank you for stick with me.
Treat me like fire blog post
Hat   FLiteXReckless – Fitted Sideways Hat   *N21*

Jacket   Tag – Blazer Hold Up   *VanityFair*

Bag   RecklessXFLite – Boho Backpack   *Uber*

Pants   GB – Jogger Pants

Boots   Monso – Vintage Ankle Boots   *Uber*


Hey guys!

I love these pants and the jacket in this blog post. I basically went to Men Only Monthly and I could put together a whole outfit out of the stuff at that event. The jacket has a variety of different options to go for as well as a few shirts to choose from to go with it or you can just wear the jacket and show off the pecs. Hope you like it!
Satellites blog post
Hair – Hunter   *TMD*

Glasses   Reckless – Aviators   *MOM*

Jacket   Excellence – Varan Jacket & Shirt   *MOM*

Pants   Legal Insanity – Compton Jeans   *MOM*

Shoes   FLite – Inspired Boost   *MOM*

What I Did For Love

Hey guys!

Sorry I have been slacking the past week on the blog posts but I have been super busy with all that football stuff from the last blog post. I am going to try and get one done as much as I can before practice, so I can bring you all this magicalness!
what i did for love blog post
Hair   Dura – #57

Glasses   Reckless – Frett Black   *Uber*

Earrings   CX – Claw Set   *TMD*

Shirt   Beusame – Black T-Shirt (TMP ONLY)

Tattoo   Reckless – Sleepless Eye   *TMD*

Pants   Seul Garcon – Shi Joggers   *FF*

Claws   CX – Metal Claws   *Uber*

Shoes   FLite – Vaders Oreo   *Uber*

Hate Or Glory

Hey guys!

The more and more stores that get accepted into TheMeshProject the more and more I love this body. I cannot wait until Hermony releases one of his skins for the body and then I will be the happiest guy one Second Life… For a while anyway, until some noob finds out he can have sex on this game. Peace x
hate or glory blog post
Hair   Iruco – Hair30

Tattoo   Datum – Wild Child (TMP Applier)   *SuicideDollz*

Shirt   Represent – Essential S/Slit Tank

Necklace   RE – ReVoX Drax   *MOM* (Opens Tuesday)

Pants   Pumpkin – Swear Pants

Shoes   FLite – ZIPRSHOOZ   *ProjectLimited*