Gun Slinger

Hey guys!

I know, I am slacking. I have been a little busy in real life and also just feeling a little uninspired. Here is my best Arcade outfit I put together and my girlfriend gave me the shoes from FLite and the crosshot from RO.
gun slinger blog post
Hair   Taketomi – Shin   *TMD*
Glasses   FLite – “The Detective” Glasses   *Arcade*
Weapon   RO – Mercenary Guide CrosShot   *Arcade*
Tattoo   Reckless – Bronx   *TMD*
Clothes   FATEwear – Phillips Shirt & Brian Shorts
Shoes   FLite – Freezys Fatpack   *Arcade*


A Story To Tell

Hey guys!

There is some amazing stuff at TMD this month, including these boots and the hoodie set (Hoodie/Shirt/Bandana), so make sure you head down there at pick up this stuff because once the month is over, it’s a lot harder to find! Have a good weekend everyone!
a story to tell blog post
Hoodie Set   BUC – Hill Hoodie   *TMD*

Glasses   Legal Insanity – Sheldon Sunglasses

Wings   RO – Eternity Wings

Pants   Ronsem – Skinny Male White

Boots   Eudora – Quatermain Boots   *TMD*

Darker Days

Hey guys! The days are getting shorter, the mornings colder and the condensation on my car wind shield is officially annoying me. So winter can be a really nice time of year, if your not out in the cold and rain or worse, but I have to say, I love after coming in from outside and it’s nice and warm inside and you change your clothes into something nice and warm and dry.. Best feeling ever. The other would be coffee, I love having the smell of coffee in my car on the way to work in the morning, so I almost always pick up a fresh coffee on the way to work, makes me feel better about the temperature of the air outside of the car. I hope you like this outfit, be prepared for the bundle of scarf’s coming out from designers as it gets colder and colder!
Darker Days blog post
Hat/Hair   Damselfly – Evan   *G&N* (Opens 24/11/14)

Glasses   K_gs – Saira

Scarf   Mandala – Legendary

Sweater   Pumpkin – Stretched Sweater   *NEW*

Watch   Deadwool – Fermo Watch (#28, RARE)   *C4*

Pants   Pumpkin – Skintight Pants   *NEW*

Shoes   FLite – OG “HFU” Pack

Love Me Harder

Hey guys! So after yesterdays new way to doing my pictures, I have given it another go today and omg, I love this picture. Moving onto the outfit, I saw this jacket at TMD at the beggining of the month but I didn’t pick it up until today because I just didn’t know how I wanted to play it, but I thought I would go with a Sons of Anarchy inspired look, where Jax always wears darker colours and then his shoes are bright white, lol. I hope you like the outfit guys 🙂 Some big events coming soon, so keep an eye out for those. Please remember, if you want email notification of my blog posts, to click the ‘Follow’ button at the top of the left hand panel. Thanks!
Love Me Harder blog post
Hair   MINA – Menno

Glasses   Sorgo – Flint Carbon

Tattoo   See last blog post

Necklace   Sorgo – CubanLinks

Coat   Breath – Big Collar Long Coat   *TMD*

Pants   Just Cool – Mr All That   *TMD*

Shoes   FLite – Flytop 001

Master Of Puppets

Hey guys! Soo.. I was talking to an amazing blogger friend of mine called Qweenie, some of you may know her from StupidGirlsStupidBoys and she has helped me out loads with ideas on how to improve my pictures both when taking the picture and when taking it into photoshop. I hope you like the picture. No21 opened up today and FLite & Reckless have teamed up to come out with some amazing stuff as usual. The pants I picked up at Revolt, who are having a -50% sale.. So make sure you get there this weekend for their sale! Hope you guys like this and have a good weekend guys!
master of puppets blog post
Hair   Damselfly – Coty   *No21*

Shirt   Fn – Nicolas Strapped Shirt

Tattoo   Speakeasy – Free Flying

Watch   FLite x Reckless – TSA Watch   *No21*

Pants   Revolt – Rebel Pants [V3]   *Sale*

Boots   FLite x Reckless – Strapped Vulcans   *No21*

She Go Low

Hey guys! I don’t like mid month, when I have gone to most events and spent all my money and there is no events to go to and get all the new things. I did manage to find these bad boys, which somehow I had missed when these things got released a little while a go. I like this outfit, it’s simple and not too complex at all. Hope you guys like it too!
She go low blog post
Skin   Hermony – Symon   *TMD Special*

Hair   Yasyn – Greater   *NEW*

Tattoo   Speakeasy – Truth Seeker   *VOI*

Shirt   Wonton – Olivier Cotton Henley   *No21*

Watch   Deadwool – Fermo Watch #28   *C4*

Pants   Pumpkin – Tapered Trousers   *NEW*

Boots   FLite – Rogue   *TSA*

Wicked Wonderland

Hey guys! Got a bit of a dark one here for you, not that it is any different to my usual blog posts, I do try to add a bit of colour into my outfits, but this one is full on doom and gloom. I hope you guys like it anyway and most of the things I have on do come in other colours, I just sent like going all out black on it all, blame the bad UK weather! Rain rain rain! lol.
Wicked Wonderland blog post
Hair   Dura – Boys&Girls *54

Tattoo   See Last Blog Post

Bat   S.E – Betsy Nail Bat   *Genre*

Jacket   Vale Koer – Parka Coat   *K9*

Pants   Lenox – 2015 Denim Jeans   *TMD*

Shoes   FLite – LC Wings   *K9*