Gun Slinger

Hey guys!

I know, I am slacking. I have been a little busy in real life and also just feeling a little uninspired. Here is my best Arcade outfit I put together and my girlfriend gave me the shoes from FLite and the crosshot from RO.
gun slinger blog post
Hair   Taketomi – Shin   *TMD*
Glasses   FLite – “The Detective” Glasses   *Arcade*
Weapon   RO – Mercenary Guide CrosShot   *Arcade*
Tattoo   Reckless – Bronx   *TMD*
Clothes   FATEwear – Phillips Shirt & Brian Shorts
Shoes   FLite – Freezys Fatpack   *Arcade*


Hold Back The River

Hey guys!

Some really good events have been going on lately and I just went ham on buying everything from any event possible. I hope you all enjoy this one!
Hold back the river blog post
Hair   Reckless – Cruz   *TMD*

Headphones   Vale Koer – TMD Exclusive Headphones (With Pants)   *TMD*

Guitar   TI – Rock N Skull Guitar   *RockAttitude*

Tattoo   Datum – Dusk To Down   *RockAttitude*

Shirt   7mad Ravens – DirtyDog   *RockAttitude*

Elbow Pads   Body Factory – Urban Elbows   *RockAttitude*

Pants   Vale Koer – Apex Biker Denim Pants (Free Headphones)   *TMD*

Shoes   V-Spot – H-Tone Sneakers   *RockAttitude*

Fall For You

What is up guys!

Sorry I have been slacking this past week with blog posts, I am trying to get outfits put together, but don’t you just get those times where you buy stuff but they just don’t work with the other stuff your buying? Today marks the start of my Third year of blogging and after all this time I have never had a problem with putting together outfits, but I guess after so long, it’s eventually going to happen. Anyway, heres a bunch of stuff from a friend of mine opening a new store called ROOD – Love the name and he’s doing a good job with the first lot of stuff he is coming out with. Make sure you head down there and check his stuff out. PEACE ❤

Fall for you blog post

Hat/Hair   Damselfly – Deacon   *LuckOfTheIrish*

Jacket   R00D – Jacket&HoodieCombo

Pants   R00D – MensChinoPants

Socks   JD – ManSocks


Hey guys!

I love these pants and the jacket in this blog post. I basically went to Men Only Monthly and I could put together a whole outfit out of the stuff at that event. The jacket has a variety of different options to go for as well as a few shirts to choose from to go with it or you can just wear the jacket and show off the pecs. Hope you like it!
Satellites blog post
Hair – Hunter   *TMD*

Glasses   Reckless – Aviators   *MOM*

Jacket   Excellence – Varan Jacket & Shirt   *MOM*

Pants   Legal Insanity – Compton Jeans   *MOM*

Shoes   FLite – Inspired Boost   *MOM*

Above The Clouds

Hey guys!

In Second Life, it can sometimes be hard to find a good suit. Over the years, I have bought almost every suit in every possible store possible. Deadwool have done it again and pulled off this very smart suit and you can tell it has their own historic and unique twist that they have with all their products.

With Valentines coming up this weekend, The Pose Shop has decided to release these cloud poses, so you can take all the mushy pictures with your slpartner to your hearts content. There are more than this pose that comes with the clouds, but me and Grace thought we would show off our favourite!

 To see what Grace is wearing – CLICK HERE!
above the clouds blog post

Hair   Monso – My Hair   *TMD*

Glasses   Reckless – Frett Black   *Uber*

Cigarette   Nikotin – Cigarette Circle   *C4*

Suit   Deadwool – The Dandy   *TMD*

Clouds&Pose   ThePoseShop – Cloud 9   *ThriftShop*

A Story To Tell

Hey guys!

There is some amazing stuff at TMD this month, including these boots and the hoodie set (Hoodie/Shirt/Bandana), so make sure you head down there at pick up this stuff because once the month is over, it’s a lot harder to find! Have a good weekend everyone!
a story to tell blog post
Hoodie Set   BUC – Hill Hoodie   *TMD*

Glasses   Legal Insanity – Sheldon Sunglasses

Wings   RO – Eternity Wings

Pants   Ronsem – Skinny Male White

Boots   Eudora – Quatermain Boots   *TMD*

What I Did For Love

Hey guys!

Sorry I have been slacking the past week on the blog posts but I have been super busy with all that football stuff from the last blog post. I am going to try and get one done as much as I can before practice, so I can bring you all this magicalness!
what i did for love blog post
Hair   Dura – #57

Glasses   Reckless – Frett Black   *Uber*

Earrings   CX – Claw Set   *TMD*

Shirt   Beusame – Black T-Shirt (TMP ONLY)

Tattoo   Reckless – Sleepless Eye   *TMD*

Pants   Seul Garcon – Shi Joggers   *FF*

Claws   CX – Metal Claws   *Uber*

Shoes   FLite – Vaders Oreo   *Uber*